Attorney Glen Ashman has authored many scholarly works over the years.  His first, in the Mercer Law Review, is shown, below.  Since then he has continued to write.  His best known work is the Georgia Municipal Court Judges Benchbook, which he has annually written and updated since 2000.   Ashman, also a Municipal Judge since 1988, has also taught legal seminars, mostly to Judges and court clerks, since 2000.
"Random Searches at Public Concert Held Fourth Amendment Violation" in the Mercer Law Review 30 Mercer L. Rev. 1093 (1978-1979) was Attorney Ashman's first published article. It was an article about random warrantless searches at a Charlie Daniels concert in Montgomery, Alabama (which were held unconstitutional in federal court). Although it's over three decades old, much of the search and seizure law in that article remains valid today. You can see an excerpt for free below from which is a paid site. 
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